Published on 07/27/2015 10:56 am
Track Your Pan card Status Here

Pan card is a must requirement nowadays for all. This is very necessary thing when a person wants to do the huge transactions of money as well as for paying tax to Government. Now everyone can apply for Pan Card online with the official sites Govt. of India has given authority. You can also apply for the rename or renewal of PAN card status update this official site. Once you apply for Pan Card it takes seven days for complete procedure. Even after seven days or for long time you are not getting it then you need to check your Pan Card status. You can do the inquiry of Pan Card status to the state UTI office. And still you are not satisfied then you can directly go to the official site which enables you to see the real status of your Pan Card. Lets complete the procedure with the guidelines we are going to show you here.

PAN card status

Check your Pan card Status Online

  • First go to the legal site
  • Open it and click on the Pan Card Status link
  • Now you will need to fill up the form
  • In the first box you need to type your first name
  • In the second box you need to enter your second, father’s name
  • And in the third first box you need to enter surname
  • In the below box enter date. Month and year of your birth date
  • Enter your acknowledgement no if you have
  • Acknowledgement no will be given after completing the form
  • If you don’t have your acknowledgement no issue
  • Now click here on the submit button

You are ready to see on which level your procedure has completed. If it is completed and if your Pan Card is completed you can go to the state Income Office and ask for the Pan Card. And if not then also you can ask to complete the procedure as soon as possible. This is how any person, any time anywhere can get the full inquiry of his or her Pan Card Status.

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