Published on 07/31/2015 10:18 am
How to Get Kerala Lottery Draw Online

Kerala lottery is one of the most prestigious lottery organizations in Kerala. Kerala Lottery is also called a fund which is raised from the common and given to the common man. Many people can see Kerala Lottery Result on the internet. There is no discrimination to distribute the ticket, whether he is poor or rich, whether it is male or female everybody can buy the lottery ticket and dream for the winning prize. Lottery is divided by the name like Akshsaya Lottery, karunya lottery, win-win lottery, bhagyanidhi lottery, dhanshree lottery. Every lottery has different ticket prize and different winning prize. Tickets costs are very affordable which could be purchased by every common man.

Kerala Lottery Result

How to get the kerala Lottery Draw online

Lottery ticket draw is held weekly, and results announces on that perfect day. Like katunyam weekly lottery day is Saturday, dhanshree lottery results announces every Tuesday, akshaya kerala lottery is announced every Wednesday, pournami kerala lottery is announced on Sunday and win-win lottery ticket is draw is held on every Monday. Every lottery draw is published between 3.00 P.M. to 4.00 P.M. every week on its official site. You can get Dhanasree lottery result direct online link here. People can easily see their Kerala lottery draw on its legal site. It is a compulsory thing that people should carry their ticket no with them to see their lottery draw result. Now let’s take a look at how to check Kerala lottery results online.

  • First open Kerala lottery site
  • Now search for the name of lottery you have purchased
  • Now you will see two columns
  • Enter your ticket no and series no
  • Now submit it
  • You will get the results over there.

That is how you can search your Kerala lottery results on computer screen. Don’t forget to type correct digit no while submitting. If you have won the prize then within a time limit you have to surrender your ticket to the authority of Kerala Lottery to get your prize.

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